Sigma table combines a surface that can be in walnut root, lacquered fiberglass or even marble, with an organic bronze finished base.

An inspirational masterpiece that shows Karpa’s best focus and artistic design, a talking point for any dining room.

This piece was designed by the artisan and owner of the company, Albino Miranda who has always stood out for his talent as sculptor.  Sigma is entirely handmade, the piece is molded in resin and reinforced with fiberglass, a great flexible material.


The brand Karpa launched in 2009 and it is part of Albino Miranda Lda company, which is recognised for its richly creative design of high-end furniture. Attention to detail a luxury feel and a strong focus on every piece's artistic concept are the main themes in all products. Each piece is truly unique and authentic.




Working side by side with interior decorators and designers, allows the company to constantly share experiences and knowledge, transposing in each new project the barriers of the ordinary, and end up with creative spaces that disassociate themselves from the others, not only for their artistic touch but also for the choice of high-end materials.




The pieces created by the brand are works of art to be showcased within the house, garden or public spaces. 


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